Rosehip & Cannabis Night Cream 50ml


Our Rosehip & Cannabis Night Creams are rich in vitamins and include the same specialized formula as our Rosehip & Cannabis Day Cream with the added addition of Argan Oil and Geranium Oil. This is an intensively moisturizing overnight treatment for optimal hydration. Our revitalizing night cream is a deep-penetrating, luxurious cream that works overnight with the natural renewal cycle of your skin. Providing three essential benefits so that you wake up to soft, supple and rejuvenated skin. Erasing the signs of tiredness and visibly diminishing fine lines.



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It Supports Your Skins Natural Processes

Our Rosehip & Cannabis Night Cream contains rich, nourishing ingredients to support blood circulation, nutrient supply and cell regeneration, these natural regenerating processes run at top speed overnight, so you wake up with soft, supple skin.

Allows Overnight Skin Recovery

It may sound quite obvious but the purpose of a night cream is to help your skin with overnight recovery. The everyday hustle-bustle can take a toll on the skin and the only time your skin has the time to cope is when you sleep. Our Rosehip & Cannabis Night Cream does most of its important repair work during the night and using a night cream ensures that the process is easier and more effective for the skin. Night creams make your skin stronger and prep it for the day ahead.

Boosts Collagen

One of the lesser-known benefits of night cream is its ability to boost collagen. Collagen is the building block of the skin – the biggest protein that is responsible for skin structure and health. As we grow older, the collagen levels in the skin go down – it can also happen due to excessive sun exposure. Our Rosehip & Cannabis Night Cream helps boost the production of collagen and increase its levels, which improves your skin’s elasticity. This helps the skin look firmer and plumper.

Hydrates Skin

Our Rosehip & Cannabis night cream routine ensures that your skin is always moisturized. Our unique product is excellent at delivering moisture to the dry parts of your face and therefore works like a charm in keeping your skin hydrated.

Rosehip & Cannabis Night Cream Can Be Used For The Following

Dry Skin



Aging Skin

Sun Damage


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