Cannalicious Cookies Choc-Chip 3 Pack – 20 mg


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Indulge in the decadent world of our gluten-free Choc-Chip cookies, each infused with 20mg of full-spectrum cannabinoids for an unparalleled taste and a blissful body sensation. Elevate your snacking experience with a bag containing three of these delightful treats.

Recommended Dosage: Embark on your journey with a microdose by enjoying one cookie, delivering a gentle 20mg of full-spectrum cannabinoids. Begin with this dosage for a 3-day period, allowing your body to acclimate. As needed, feel free to gradually increase your dosage. Please note, it is advised not to exceed the consumption of two cookies (40mg) within a given timeframe.

Savor the perfect balance of flavor and effect in every bite, and embark on a mindful exploration of our gluten-free Choc-Chip cookies.

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