Our Premium White Label Program

White Label Benefits

Cannabis Queen’s White Label CBD partnership program allows you to capitalize on the rapidly growing CBD industry while building a loyal customer base under your own private label. We understand that your needs are as unique as your business and our team strives to meet those specific needs with high quality workable solutions. We take a very hands on-approach with each new product, taking the time to personally interact with you and allowing you direct access to our industry-leading expertise and our world-class customer success team. Should you wish to offer products under your own brand name but not wish to go through the lengthy and costly research and development process of formulating your own products well Cannabis Queen is able to offer you a variety of different products from its White Label range.

Why Choose Us?

''Small Quantities For Small Businesses''

Being in the Manufacturing Industry, we identified a gap in the market for White Label research and development in South Africa. Our focus has shifted to assisting small businesses who wanted their own White Label product but couldn’t afford the exorbitant fees charged by large manufactures, nor the large minimum order quantities. Cannabis Queen is geared specifically to serve SMMEs, we have the flexibility to manufacture smaller batches which allows you to avoid excess stock and a hefty price tag. Our product range is formulated and manufactured according to the same high standards and quality of ingredients that we offer to all our clients. Cannabis Queen is able to fill, label, and box all products according to your specifications, either in bulk or in the packaging of your choice.

Only The Best!

Research & Development

What truly sets Cannabis Queen apart from our competitors is our formulations. We don’t believe in using ingredients that are harmful to the skin, ingredients that are derived from animals, or ingredients that have been tested on animals. All of our products are scientifically formulated using botanical extracts and high-quality ingredients. We develop world-class formulations and will develop a bespoke product or range that caters specifically to your needs and requests. Quality Control is paramount to our success, we believe that quality and ethical values are extremely important and ensure that our manufacturing and production areas adhere to a strict set of standards and operational protocols.

We Manufacture The Following Products

Skincare Products

Body Cream

Body Lotion

Body Butter







Makeup Removers

Lifestyle Products

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Powder/Oil-Based Capsules

Bath and Showers gels

Foam Bath

Bath Oil Bars

Body Scrubs

Shampoo Bars

Conditioners Bars

Hair Treatments

Hair Masks

Hand & Foot products

Bath Crystals

Spa Products


Massage Oil

Massage Creams


Clay Masks

Face Masks

Sugar/salt scrubs


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