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Our unique business was established in May 2019 after the Department of Health announced the historic decision of making the cannabis derivate cannabidiol available for consumer use in South Africa. Being one of the very first CBD skin companies of its kind in South Africa our team is constantly on a quest for top-class quality, our product design and manufacturing methods are all done in house using only the best quality ingredients that occur naturally. All our raw materials are sourced locally and ethically. We aim to be the experts in the CBD skincare market and offer the best competitive prices. Our collection of specialized CBD-infused hair & skincare products are designed to suit every customer’s budget and skincare routine. We are passionate about the benefits of CBD in general and in skincare specifically. We believe in 100% Natural, Paraben-free products and looking after our planet, so we try to keep our packaging as eco-friendly as possible.

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What Is CBD And Why Should I Care?

Excellent question, and one many people are asking these days. First off, CBD is the abbreviation used for cannabidiol, one of over 100 different cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, it’s a molecule that interacts with your body in particular ways. CBD works by telling your body to use up the cannabinoids it has already naturally produced, rather than binding to a receptor. These particular types of cannabinoids are part of the endocannabinoid system and act as messengers, sending signals to the brain to help regulate basic bodily functions.

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CBD Pensioners

We offer all Seniors (+65) and above up to 35% discount on all full-price orders.

We believe all senior citizens should have the right to fair, affordable and high-quality CBD Care. Our mission is help all in need, through our CBD Pensioners Program that offers up to 35% discount.

How to Get your Discount:

It’s easy. Fill out the application form, we’ll assess your application within 24 hours. Once approved, you’ll receive up to 35% discount on all full-price orders. Your discount will be applied during checkout. 


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Cannabis Queen News
Published April 2, 2022

Has it gone to pot? Experts boast benefits in letting the cannabis industry grow.

Amendments to the Cannabis for Private Use Bill have been proposed for 2022, which would allow more flexible use and promote the growth of a commercial cannabis industry in South Africa.
Cannabis Queen News
Published April 2, 2022

Labat, CSIR sign MoU to accelerate industrial cannabis processing.

The agreement will solidify collaboration and cooperation between the CSIR and Labat across the value chain of cannabis and hemp production for industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to textiles to energy, says Labat CE Brian van Rooyen.
Published March 30, 2022

KZN local municipality officials say there is plenty of land to farm cannabis.

Durban - Municipal officials from the Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma local municipality in western KwaZulu-Natal say there is plenty of land available for farming cannabis in order to help grow the economy and create jobs for rural residents.
Cannabis Queen News
Published March 28, 2022

Aiming High: Africa’s cannabis future has undoubted potential to be a world leader.

Africa has undoubted potential to be a world leader in the cultivation of cannabis and its products, but tight domestic controls and tough global regulations stand in the way of the creation of a booming multi-billion-dollar industry.

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The First Standardized Instant Hemp Tea


CannaQIX® Immunity hemp tea is the first standardized instant hemp tea containing natural hemp flour delivering 5-10 mg of CBD, elderberry, ginger, vitamins and zinc aiming at managing stress and supporting the strengthening of the immune system.

CannaQIX®NITE Hemp Tea

CannaQIX® Nite hemp tea is the first standardized instant hemp tea containing natural hemp flour delivering 5-10 mg of CBD, lemon balm, and vitamins aiming to support healthy sleep, maintain normal psychological and cognitive functions, and contribute to a normal nervous system.

CannaQIX®Hemp Tea

CannaQIX® Hemp tea is the first standardized instant hemp tea containing natural hemp flour delivering 5-10 mg of CBD, vitamins and zinc aiming to manage stress and support mental and nervous functions.

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